How is ABC Gum Removal environmentally friendly?


The totally natural cleaning solution is harmless to the environment, and is excellent at its job. 

Gum deposits gone, simply evaporated by the mixture of cleaning solution and steam.


Are there any sticky marks left when the gum is gone?


No, not at all.  The mixture of cleaning solution and steam changes the gum to a non-sticky residue. It doesn’t just lift it off the surface but instead it actually dissolves the gum completely. Even if there is residue left, they are no longer sticky because the solution removes the sticky residue from the gum letting it naturally wash away with the elements.


Does ABC Gum Removal require consumable supplies?


Yes. The consumables for the packed in a carton that contains all the parts needed for approx. 20 hours of use, and the consumables are in a 5-hour pack. The operator can simply take the pack of consumables for a whole session of chewing gum removal. 


Does ABC Gum Removal have a guarantee?


ABC Gum Removal provides a one year warranty on its products.


Does ABC Gum Removal require operator training for their employees?

Yes, operator training is essential; we do offer a training session for up to 6 operatives. This usually takes up to 2 hours depending on the number of operatives being trained, and the cost varies depending on location.

Can ABC Gum Removal sell its products  anywhere in North America?

Yes, ABC Gum Removal can shipped products anywhere in North America.


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